Monday, 20 May 2013

Get smarter by planning a budgeted wedding

Planning a budgeted wedding is no more a weird idea as lots of people are adopting it these days so that they can save some finance and use it in a more fruitful way. You may plan a budgeted wedding and use the saved money for making a better honeymoon plan, buying a new house, a new car or save it for future rather than spend it by organizing an extravagant wedding just to show your spouse that you love him or her.

So if you are smart enough to go for a budgeted wedding, here are some tips to assist you in your wedding preparations –

• Organize the wedding in your home backyard to save the expenses of booking a banquet hall.

• Use your own car for the wedding transport rather than spending a huge amount of money on booking a Rolls Royce or a Bentley for a few hours.

• Do the venue decorations yourself with the help of your family and friends. You can contact a company where wedding chair covers for hire are available at affordable prices.

• Use your home music system in place of hiring a DJ.

• Offer homemade wedding favors to your guests rather than purchasing expensive favors from a commercial firm. You can offer homemade scented candles, personalized bookmarks with your names and wedding date or inspirational quotes, homemade chocolates, cookies, etc.

• A rented wedding gown and the bridesmaids’ dresses will certainly be cheaper than purchasing a wedding dress or getting it designed.

• To reduce your feast costs, place the order after you have received the acknowledgments from your guests and have an idea about how many guests you can expect to have on the eve. Buy the drinks in bulk so that you can get discount on the purchase.

Friday, 26 April 2013

Ideas for Embellishing the Venue on Special Occasions

Planning for huge occasions such as wedding or other formal parties can really be a challenging and overwhelming task. Such occasions demand immense attention to even the smallest of the details, after all that is how it would be remembered and probably viewed as well in the photographs.

Since you are going to have guests at the event, it is desired to make the venue appear as exquisite and laudable as possible. Decorating the chairs and tables at the venue is an important aspect of venue decoration.

With the advents in the technology, there are plenty of options available for embellishing the tables and chairs. Uncovered chair and tables are certainly going to give a drab appearance which is probably why you should ponder upon certain option for covering them with nice chair covers and tablecloths.

Best Alternative to Tablecloths…

Among the choices of tablecloths, there is this fairly new alternative to traditional tablecloths called the Spandex tablecloths. Now here is what makes this fabric the best alternative.

Spandex covers, unlike the other materials are made from extremely resilient fabric that can stand up to any sort of problems which can arise even if it is an outdoor event. Besides even the fabric is ruined, the cost of replacement is too much as per its purpose. This fabric is also easy to clean through normal washing and the choice of color available can truly mesmerize the guests of the evening.

Tablecloths from Spandex material being so functional and versatile can be easily obtained through various rental companies. Spandex now days have become a trend and is expected to stay for a long time in future. It's also the choice of a go-to material for the rental and sales companies as well.

In the fast paced world, it is becoming harder to keep up with trends. However spandex is an ideal and affordable as a tablecloth option to add charm to your event.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Discover ways to exquisitely adorn your wedding dinner tables

Modern era is the age of magnificent weddings that reflect the exclusive style and perception of the couple. Everyone aspires to have a pristine wedding but organizing one entails oodles of preparations and activities. Exquisite venue decorations play an imperative role as it leaves the long lasting memorable impression over the relatives as well as guests. Prior to the arrangements, you should settle down the party theme that can be beach, contemporary, traditional, formal or retro. With plenty of details, it becomes challenging to select the appropriate table decorations.

Tips for wedding table decorations-
  • Floating candles and table centerpieces-
    Floating Acrylic Stones
    Floating candles or candelabras are quite effective whilst cheap decorative materials. Bunch of colorful scented candles can be placed in designer bowls to set an imperial allure to the wedding. Triangular frame sets containing pictures of bride and groom can be employed as centerpiece. Besides opting for traditional floral garlands, you can also use rose petals or shiny crystals with some sprinkled around the bowl for adorning the tables.
  • Wedding table runners-
    Taffeta Print Table Runners
    Majority of venues are outfitted with standard table linens which are not so attractive. Conventional white covers are an elite choice for formal wedding dinners. However, you can add a personalized touch by getting these table runners of different color and material. Markets are laden with an astounding assortment of fabric which includes satin, voile, organza, chiffon, taffeta, vinyl, lace and much more.
  • Napkins and chair covers-
    Striped Table Napkins
    Make sure that color of the napkins and chair covers is in compliance with the table runners. These days, even chair covers comes with exquisite accessories such as organza sashes, fancy hoods, lycra bands, diamante buckles, bows and much more. Adorning your chairs with these accessories adds a splendid allure to the dinner as well as the event.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Unique ideas to incorporate into your winter wedding theme

A winter wedding theme can be a great idea for planning the most special event of your life. There can be many interesting ideas that can be included into the event to harmonize with the wedding theme.

Your wedding invitation cards-

The best way to incorporate the theme into your wedding cards is to select a design with snowflake figures on it. Snow covered pine trees also symbolize winters. Light colors like white, sky blue and pink should be used to justify the theme.

Wedding decoration for the venue-

You can place a Christmas tree at the entrance of the wedding venue with your photographs hanging on it for personalization. Placing a pair of snowmen outside the venue can also be a unique idea. Avoid satin chair covers for your furniture as these are not cozy and counter the subtle look that your theme demands. However you can use satin sashes and wedding table runners if you like. Go for white or cream color cotton chair covers with bright colored sashes and table runners placed on them. You can also use accessories like snowflake shaped studs and Christmas bells to decorate the venue.

Your wedding cake-

Bakers of today put a lot of innovation into their work and cakes are made using things which can take the shape of absolutely anything. You can request your baker to design a cake based on a winter theme incorporating shapes like snow covered pine cones, flowers, snowmen, etc.

Wedding favors-

Your wedding favors should also reflect your theme as these are the only things which make your guests recall the event. You will get a huge collection of wedding favors which incorporate snowflake shapes such as candles, dry fruit holders, card holders, etc. You can also opt for customized favors with your names and the wedding date written over them.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Create a Stir with Elegant Diamante Buckles

Do you like that extra bit of sparkle? Who doesn’t, really? Well, if you’re hosting an event, and you want to razzle and dazzle them, then you may want to read further.

The great thing about hosting a party is that you have the liberty to pick the exact decor that you want. Not only can you get creative and try new things, you can host an event that you’ve been wanting to for ages. At such an event, your guests should be able to exhibit elegant decoration to make it a night to remember.

The decoration pieces that are available at Chair Cover Depot are not only brilliant and bright, but they are also versatile. Whether you want to use your organza fabric as chair sashes or table swag, or if you want to use your diamante buckles as chair decor or napkin rings, is up to you. Either way, your party will be elegant and vibrant.

The reason decorating is so important is because you want to create the perfect ambiance and mood in your function hall. The right decor not only helps the mood, it also helps your guests feel comfortable. The right decor gives off an inviting feel, and your guests will be delighted to stay at your party and enjoy it to the fullest.

Now when it comes to decorating ideas, with the items you can get here, you’ll be ecstatic with the wide variety of decoration pieces you have. One piece in particular is the diamante buckle. Not only are these pieces elegant and beautiful, they add that extra bit of pizzazz to any chair or table, giving your function that much more personality for your guests to go gaga over. The diamante buckles offered at Chair Cover Depot are brilliant and bright.

With three shapes to choose from, the Circle Diamante Buckle, the Square Diamante Buckle, and the Heart Diamante Buckle, you’ll be able to use any of these pieces wherever you please. The sheer opulence that these buckles add will mesmerise your guests. After all, one of the few aspects guests always remember about an event or function is the kind of decoration.

With diamante buckles, you have the choice to use them on a wide variety of decoration items for your function. Whether you want to beautifully adorn favours for the guests to remember forever, or use them on sashes and give your event a lively ambiance, diamante buckles can set the right mood.

Moreover, if you are planning on a wedding in the near future, diamante buckles can come in really hand for a variety of things. When sending out wedding cards to your guests, it would be ideal to place diamante buckles on them to give the cards an elegant look. Once the auspicious occasion of the wedding day comes, even the wedding cake can be adorned with diamante buckles. This is bound to please not only the bride and groom, but also the guests who are attending the wedding.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Table Skirting to Woo Your Guests

When it comes to formal events, such as wedding parties, engagement dinners, or anniversary celebrations, there are usually guests of honor. Whether those guests are the hosts or people the party is being thrown for, you want to highlight the table that these important guests are sitting at. There are various ways to do this when throwing a party for important people.

Flawless finishes and fluid textures have always added that extra bit of personality and significance to an event. Finishing your tables with skirting will convey a very seamless and flawless feel to your event, comforting your guests and at the same time playing its part as signifying a guest of honor.

When it comes to the head tables at your event, you want them to be perfect. Not only will your guests of honor be ecstatic, your other guests they will spend most of their time admiring the elegant and sophisticated table skirting addition to decor.

No small deed goes unnoticed, and therefore, you need to remember that the details are what count. If you add skirting to a table, you are adding that extra bit of character that your guests will appreciate.

When choosing a specific skirt for your table, you need to take into account your overall decor. At times, you don’t want to overdo the decor, and look as if you’re trying too hard. You want your decor to look as if it belongs where it is. Most of the time, table skirting is left for the head table or for the catering table. This allows for a balance in the decor, and does not seem like you are over decorating. The elegance in table skirting lies in the less is more theory.

The different types of table skirting available at Chair Cover Depot are not only necessary, but are beautifully finished pieces.

Although most people think of table skirting for a formal event, it can be used for a more informal event, especially at particular tables.

For a wedding reception, you’ll definitely want your head table to have table skirting. The table skirting available from Chair Cover Depot is both White Satin Table Skirting and Black Satin Table Skirting. Depending on your theme, you can choose which color best fits your color scheme. However, the shiny finish and elegant flow of this table skirt will make any table stand out. The pleated table skirt gives your decor a particular fluidity which adds a very regal yet comfortable feel for your guests.

Another very necessary addition is that the skirting available at Chair Cover Depot comes with Velcro attachments so that taking the skirting off and putting it on is very easy.

So if you decide to go with the table skirting, think of adding this elegant pleated fabric to the head table and all the catering tables so that there is a nice cohesion amongst the hall. Your guests will appreciate the effort and will remember such a unique and beautiful addition.

Friday, 21 December 2012

Chair covers and accessories- Adorn your wedding premises in an exquisite way

Spandex Lycra Chair Covers
Spandex Chair Cover
Decorations and adornments are an integral part of your wedding day. Everyone wants their wedding to be a perfect one but within the budget. So chair covers, tableware, linen etc are the most affordable material that adds grace and elegance to your wedding premises. Besides being cost effective, they come in wide variety of colors, fabric, accessories and designs.

You can hire wedding chair covers, table linen and sashes that best compliments your wedding theme. It is advisable to stick to chair cover colors like white, black, off white or ivory while the color of the shade of your sashes can be in accordance with your theme. When your guests walk in it is the venue embellishment that withdraws all the attention and creates the effect.
Poly Visa Chair Cover
Poly Visa Chair Cover

In past few years, good quality chair covers are widely used for receptions and wedding ceremonies. Due to this growing demand, there are oodles of firms offering paramount quality chair covers and associated accessories. They are great means of reflecting your exclusive taste and style.  Accessories such as sashes, diamante buckles etc. can be used to give a traditional or vintage look to your wedding.

Dining Chair Cover
Dining Chair Cover
When it comes to hire wedding chair covers, quality of linen you get is highly crucial. Some people are unaware that they come in variety of fabric such as organza, linen, lycra, satin etc. Plain white chair covers can be used for all kinds of wedding themes but they can be combined with theme based accessory to give up a more exotic look.

Apart from chair covers, make it certain that the rental chairs are in good conditions, otherwise all your efforts will be in vain. The covers you hire must properly fit in the chair size. No matter what theme you choose, wedding decorations done gracefully always give a pleasing ambiance to your wedding.